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An International Youth Development and Leader Fellowship


There is a great need to promote the importance of international travel to the youth from our underserved communities. The skills and experience from traveling abroad gives our youth life-long personal and professional benefits.


Invest In Human Potential: A one year fellowship utilizing cultural anthropology, archeology, and sociology as tools to empower our fellows as agents of social change. Reinforcing fellow’s skills through facilitated workshops conducted by local leaders.


The prestige of this fellowship is predicated on the IHP Committee and this itinerary: Briefing in Philadelphia 2 Weeks in Sardinia, Italy Debriefing in Philadelphia Local Philadelphia Workshops Excursion to Penn State University Trip to North Carolina


Vision: Empowering a generation of young leaders to become agents of social change through a premium international and national travel fellowship.

Mission: Exposing, engaging, and equipping rising high school seniors with the weaponry needed to be successful in any vocation or occupation while maintaining a strong moral compass as an agent of social justice.

Philosophy: We believe that providing the alchemist journey; dropping the breadcrumbs to self awareness is obtainable through international exploration and arming our fellows with real life experiences that demonstrate they are the embodied agents of social justice needed in their communities.

The adventure begins with our first step

Step One:
Onboarding Phase

Our journey begins in Philadelphia, where fellows, their families, and our partners come together for a debriefing and ceremony. This initial meeting sets the stage, outlining expectations, schedules, and responsibilities. Each fellow receives a $1,000 stipend to cover essentials such as packing, equipment, travel documents, books, clothing, etc. We also provide detailed guidance on international travel, ensuring that all logistics are clear and any questions are addressed, paving the way for a smooth and exciting adventure ahead.

Step Two:
International Immersion Experience

The heart of our fellowship is the International Immersion Experience in Sardinia. This phase is packed with cultural, educational, and physical activities that promise to broaden horizons and build new skills. Fellows will explore five breathtaking archeological sites guided by bilingual experts, take daily surf lessons from Italy's top instructors, and train in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. A three-day, two-night hiking expedition through Sardinia's stunning backwoods and canyons will challenge and inspire. Fellows will also engage in meaningful cultural exchanges with local students, sharing insights about their respective countries. Throughout the retreat, assigned readings, group discussions, and personal journaling will deepen their understanding and reflection.

Step Three:
Fellow Development Phase

The final phase focuses on the ongoing development of our fellows through a series of workshops, travel experiences, and mentorship opportunities. In Philadelphia, fellows will participate in workshops led by esteemed professionals. Douglas Cox will guide them through strategic thinking and social justice using chess, while Bernard Collins will open his studio for an exploration of art and its impact on social justice. Additional workshops will be announced, providing diverse learning opportunities. A visit to Penn State University will include a lecture and discussion with Dr. Sam Richards and Dr. Laurie Mulvey, enhancing their academic and social justice perspectives. The journey continues with a trip to North Carolina, where fellows will tour the TsDesign manufacturing site with CEO Eric Henry, learning about social justice in business. As the year concludes, fellows will review their experiences, develop a healthy mindset, and strategize for future personal and social justice pursuits, ready to make a lasting impact on their communities and beyond.

Join us on this incredible journey and witness the transformation of young leaders ready to shape a better world.
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This is a kickstarter campaign that is working with the community of Philadelphia and partnering with an international youth and leadership development program. 

For more information on how to support this program click here. 

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